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Monday, August 14, 1972

 but the trouble is I need to ed=it it another 10 times with links eg to work like yours - turing said humans do recursion to sytay smarter than artificial intel; the problem is once you have soent billions on a tv ad you have stopped recursion as the way you influence mimnds - so us marketungs is not a sustainabkle way forward - how on earth heroines of ed3 counter this I dunno?!

  footnote more on asia risisng by 1965 japanese calculatr firm asked intel for more chips than all other clients; while silicon valley became brand of coding programable chips 100 times more exp, a chinese man took nmanufaturing of chips to taiwan as we were oublisj=hin 2025 report- taiwan has since 1985 been main inward investor in china mainland 100 times more. Consequence of this for web 3 deigners needs urgent clarification - its not what nancy has even one clue on. Robotics ai remains the lead idea of japan down to hongkong and anime mediation by female

in our 1984 report just as you could say arthi=ur c ckark invented satellites- our prefrered reality was one overaching goial 2000 - nediate both mass and gdiftally through which a taiwan postmaster published satoshi's first paper as what to design 10 yeras ahead to plant web3 avatars http://www.beingai.com could be one of top 5 nfts to sustain humaniyty
On Tuesday, 9 August 2022 at 20:52:51 GMT-4, k20 Educators <people@k20educators.com> wrote:
Fthher's imoact on me is quite complex- in may case I was 32 on my first btrio to asia (startung 10 yeras of work mainly for unilever beginning with women muslim developmen in indonesa); that experience staring 1983 as well as being mainly responsible for asian database of mit on societies needs from bif=g corpoartions led me to giving the economist 1988 scoop yea of the brand (trust must be the future of sustainabiliuty brand valuation) and publishing
World Class Brands a genre I pioneered 1989 was based on this leadership exercise - if big corporate boards dont want to play it openly among themselves, any brand valuation algorithm of their impact will likely be fake. As a statistician from Cambridge's main maths lab, I feel that this is a maths problem of such `exponential scale that sustainability investors who dont know of the problem are not going to help youth be the first sustainability generation. In my one lecture at harvard 1999, I was told you may be correct - but us gov would never fund this - go away. So I am biassed - mit engineering alumni i love them - harvard mbas terrify me unless there is evidence that their purpose has some deep social law networking into lives matter america.... 

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