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Wednesday, May 24, 1972

.Exercise: which exciting ideas have you encountered when.?
 Being a Scot born in London 1951, may I say that my most exciting ideas came from family and close friends to 1969, when college and the world linked more ideas. I was lucky that my father was a collector of the most exciting ideas for The Economist for 40 years;
 in his 4th year at the economist (coincidentally when I was born)
 von neumann told dad journalists' most exciting systemic idea- ask what people will do with 100 times more tech by 1962 dad had found a triad of valuable idea;
 in addition to neumanns, alumni of borlaug had found solutions to why nobody should starve to death;
 and alumni of deming had demonstarted new engineering to a top 5 nation of engineers (the only Eastern one in the 1950s) that those who app engineering should as Turing put it be recursive - challenge what to chnage every year in how your engineering app interacts with others.

Mainly these 3 ideas helped Economist journalists to start surveying happier futures of peoples out of every place; also in the 1950s dad was the first reported of can the EU design peace, and what is a sustainable way to design a national health system. He provided extensive notes in teh econjomist on celebrating these questions but not assuming government alone had a bat's chance in hell of answering these. This did not make him popular but the economist did not believe i guru journalism so dad's entrepreneurial revolution designed around the fo0unding editio9r 2 p0rimary sdgs - end poverty and end hunger stimulated innovative debate, and explains why it is our family's hypothesis that leader Guterres has a hard deadline of 2030- if millennials are not the first sustainability generation, they will be the first extinction generation. It is from this hypothesis that we hope anything writtne here willl be applied or rejected.
2 hunger
3 health
4 edu=sustainability
5 building 100k person communities of equality and ...

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