Thursday, April 16, 1970


2025 report first published 1984 to count down sustainability consequences of 100 time more tech pre decade

as we reach final edition, covid, putin are latest biggest crises of an era where the elder half of the world seems to have cashed out on younger half's sustainbility

so our entrepreneurial revolution lens aims to focus on who is urging leaps- eg guterres 2022 UNGA summit  22 Education is no longer fit for purpose followed by; 2023 futures no longer fit for unders 30s being sustainability generation

UNwomens @ L & LNYSpring2022

LETS LEAP WIAI : blend Womens & Artificial Intelligence starring at Gradpads of first 100 new universities, collaboration 5.4 at abedmooc.com

lets move beyond AD and artificial intel agencies to celebrating 50 years by 1billiongirls.com 

lets see metaverse (30 years on from world wide web) as last chance ro unite Beeings and celebrate solution all communiitied need if girls and boys born there are to have great chance to thrive though life

: After 50 years as stats guy of Ad & AI Agency, giant leap forward inspired by 

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