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Wednesday, January 12, 2022

 Scots are used to being ignored by the rest of the world - from AD122 the roman empire not being bothered to convert (wall them out hadrian) to not being a nation as far as EU or UN is concerned -

 however may we impudently suggest that to extinguish the human race would mean something went very wrong with education ; and conversely we have all the tech to end climate and other crises if education trusted millennials to collaboratively just do it

my father (norman macrae) tried to argue (education and healthy societies generates strong economies not vice versa) all his adult life after serving as teen in allied bomber command burma campaign .This include over 40 p-ost war years at the economist (seconded eg by President Kennedy) then through books i helped him co-author 2025 report first published 1984 and bio of von neumann

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