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Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Touring Asia's 21st C so far - can two out of 3 humans help solve sustainability riddles

 Fazle Abed who i personally learnt most from died in Dec 2019, and among US academics Ezra VBogel's last book was wonderful when he debriefed us on his east coast tour. Sadly he was to die in 2021

My fathers's tors of Asia for Economist readers began in 1962 when president Kenenedy approved the ideas that supervilage and supercity maps offered multi win market exchnages that Asia needed to rise as well as integrate its two thirds of being with the white and blach third of humanity.

Historically developmenet seems to have mapped this route




Hong Kong


All of China

Rest of SE Asian Continent

Rest of Asean




Rest of south asian continent




of coures if we go up to the arctic circle we have russia


landlocked central asia parts of old ussr

Asian neighors of European Union from eg Belarus/Ukraine south to Turkey

There are some other islands in Asia Pacific (with huge ocean estates but almost no land rsources)

Have i left anywhere out

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