Friday, November 26, 2021

 the 2025 report (first drafted in 1984 but updated with different nationalities until sweden 1993) dbeated how could 10 human nd tech lelment go right or wrong

5 keys - education finance health nature/agriculture 100 female empowered/productive communities crossed disciplines - ultimatley we beleived 100 times more tech chnage per decade needed educators to be the main exploerers with youth (in other words this was how artificial intel could serve millennials as first sdg generation) giving a different celebration of huamn potential than if you assume finance drives everything

as we go forward from covid, question whether we can apat to climate in time, have expereinced 2 yeras of bloending education as a sudden shock instead of 40 yera smooth transition - everything is still to play for wherever educators are trusted to help youth be their own 2020s space racers in a way that kenendy seemed in the last 1950s to challenge teenns of the 1960s but which with his assassination in 1963 we never saw the whole games play out

as we rush into decemeber after month of climate there are at least 3 extraordinary global-local education summits - here are some questions we are asking about one of tehse www.yodanprize.otg whose next world debief out of hong kong is decmber 5

this particular scenesetting of yidan is from the viewpoint of what can the quarter of the people on the india subcintanent connect with yidan and the future of education; we have 11 other parts of the world including br7 usa (I write from washington dc where parents communities and educators could be asking their own uique ways of celebarting under 30s as first sustainability generations thrpugh tehse 2020s)

 3 questions come first to my mind and it would be useful if vicky colbert and you can discuss - 1 i think yidan and all his advisers know most key places education approaches apart from india - so is expecting over next 12 months to linking in education india; 2 the nomination process is specific -someone on your side needs to lead all its elements -eg i recall you can have 3 nominees - one may be whomever wrote up the last version but the other 2 can be "famous" educators who know you or you could get a nominee to be in the voice of your parents and their lifelong contributions eg to unesco and across cultures; 3rd yidan has taken abed's advice by beginning at early childhood you can re-examine the whole of education purpose/bridges between grades in eye of child (human development) and values from age 3 playschools up - they have a lot of psychological experts (of the pro-kid sort not america's who are behoden to lawyers) on need for child to believe in self and teams with other children as well as how to help kids whose minds may be in shock of refugee/ etc; however I havent seen them include literacy as holistically  as a central skill before age of 6; when I say yidan is everywhere his main partner director is at stanford; he is one of china's top 10 tech billionnaires but left for hong kong 2016 for his foundtion to uniquely connect education; he listened to fazle abed - his debriefing of the year's laureates will likely host events out of oxford cambridge harvard over next 12 months ; at his website someone in your team needs to go through 3 lists - the laureates, the lumnaries, thr judges - this will help you see what he already connects and what he maybe most wants to add next 12 months- by the way is there anyone in your team who speaks chinese ; while yidans main relationships are worldwide and in english - I assume he briefs 20 years of edutech relationships inside

Sunday, November 14, 2021

 As recently as 1981, 88 percent of the Chinese population was living in extreme poverty; today it is less than one percent. How was this possible?

Never in the history of the world have so many hundreds of millions of people risen from abject poverty to the middle class in such a short time. China’s development shows that rising economic growth – even accompanied by rising inequality – benefits the vast majority of people. Inequality in China has risen, but no one would choose to go back to the time of Mao, when the Chinese were more equal but, above all, poorer.

if you know of leadership webs that permit freedom of speech on letting yoinger half of your nation fried asians and chinese - please say - eg here's 2025's post at the IEA - for decades my father's favorite mini thinktank in UK if not the world; he used to review its annual prize recipients - 

my understanding is iea was first funded/founded by the fisher family who lost a son in world war father served as teen navigating airplanes in allied bomber command stationed in burma;;; it was his hop that humans could be smart enough between 1945 and 2030 to reduce budgets spent on wars- to love next generations ;;; is that too ideal a piurpose for professions to hold?

  Neither economic growth nor sustainability will be possible in any place that minimises the curiosity of the younger half of its population about how this greatest economic miracle ever was achieved and its continuing exponential impacts. Almost two thirds of people are Asian as my father lifelong stories at The Economist sought to integrate beyond the way that until world war 2 mainly white empires had engineered the world.  There is a deep irony that Glasgow has staged both the first and last chance to apply engines to prevent extinction but apparently not one of the 100 most powerful english-speaking decision-makers at Glasgow aligns his reputation to mapping the basic constructs of Adam Smith. Remarkably Smith (175 years ahead of Einstein and Von Neumann) saw man-made market systems as interfacing with nature and health systems - he would fail all those who design global market sector to take over from nature's purposes. Back in 1984 , out book tried to offer the debating constructs needed to include every community in how global tech and local cultural morals were integrated and valued b every teacher & student. Clearly, we did an inadequate job but if there is any residual purpose of the economics profession it should do the maths on why extinction irreversibility kicks in from 2030. But do it believing 20 something graduates have the technology to do this if we make the 2020s earth races as pivotal to youth's belief in human endeavour as 1960s space race.  

Friday, November 12, 2021

during last 3 years of we aim to update dialogue in every education-valuing nation - eg india

 congratulations on pratham's recent award of yidan przie - yidan prize and luminaries is the most transformative dynamic I have seen in education 

always happy to discuss who's who within this space as well as asia's 3 great summits in december - yidan prize, wise, rewired2021

chris macrae washington 240 316 8157 1984 book on sustainability challenges to 8 billion humans education's

 40 year race so sustainability generation

ps we met at brookings 2017

Wednesday, November 10, 2021

asia became hub of my professional work from 1983 - first visit Indonesia work with Unilever

 I didnt not know it then but it would be teh forst pover 50 trips to asia from the west mainly paris, london or washington dc

until then :I hadnt fully understood my fathers life time work at teh economiston wanting to see the two thirds of humans who are asian develop; nor that the economists's passion turned to asia when tehpaper's 1843 founder was sent on mission by queen visctoria to calcutta to start a charter bank by and for india's peoples

many updayes from asia are streaming in from adam smoith friends and my year long prep for cop26

here is part of a conversation with a philippine climate fimace banker now in london

Jennifer I looked up the regional female leader who spoke at world bank in 2017 - governor revil  (masbate ) -have you come across her?- basically she seemed to want to create exchanges with young professionals at the world bank particularly agriculture/cattle ;  I don't think she had any particular fintech solutions  - are there any philippines friends of yours in the washington dc region? - under jim yong kim the world bank was fun space to meet asian entrepreneurs; in fact almost his last act was to host the world bank annual meetings in indonesia 2017- i note that g20 comes to indonesia in 2022 ; one of my neighbors is one of the top asian professors at american university-  ;; when it comes to fintech in the past I have often tried to catch up with friends in singapore; also on linkedin I made admittedly (only basic) contact with the lady who chairs world economic forum events on Artificial Intelligence and seems to connect their industrial revolution 4 hub out of san francisco - I try to keep up with everything out of geneva where I believe the tech experts of the United Nations tend to meet - the ITU does a continual series on #aiforgood and its 4 year world planning circle is currently happening over 8 weeks with vietnam  - also guterred headed 3 years reporting on digital faunace which concluded with a good report in 2020 -please say if you wpould like me to dig that out 

Tuesday, October 26, 2021

prposla 2025 report final edition - can SHEE freedoms unite first sustainability generaton

the 2025 report first published in 1984 brough the first 225 years of adam smith moral sentiment mediation to the question-is there an alternative sdg game 1984-2025 to orwel’s big brothers 

In this final update we recommend valuing SHEE freedoms S is for safe 100000 people communities as a microentreprenurial platform H is for health E is for engineering E is for education

in addition to smith's lenses:
archives of the economist's purpose 1843- until web took over from what paper based weekly could mediate on journey from world ruled by 7 white empiresd to inclusivity of wherever next chld is born

norman macrae's expereinces from teen on (navigator allied bomber command burma campaign; marrying diaghter of sir kenneth kemp justce who wrote up elagalese of india's indepence after 4 generations of kemps in bombay; 
from 1955 norman was playing with futire back of von neumanns' 3rd and 4th industral revolutions

from 1862 his consider asia surveys starting with japan identofied 2 ssiatinable asia rising models- 100% employed vilages (rural keyensiansim) - detasils of 60nyeras of this mdoel are main new featore of this book
supercity sme hi tech models
from 1970s keynesianism seemd to be diluted by numerlogy macroeconomist- norman prefererd future- history approack mapping bak gao humans want system designs to serve- his genere of entrepreneurial revolution mapped why designing role wherere every community sustaiand thriving luvelihhod will require sme approackes not big corporate and not big government - depeth of ai data will need this local detail if ir4 2020s models are to humanise ai op systems ; every livelihood chnages with digital world and mapping sustainable win-wins
how billion women empowerment partnership anchored bagladesh 2020-1970 offered purrst end poverty mapping 

6 dimensions march the 5 deepest sdgs and 6-17 triangularising public and private with change demands of women youth pooe going green infrastructure ai
35 collaborations link to most divided vollages lft ouut of electricity grids to leaps forward from 1996 intro of mle and solar

chris now realises he was incredibly naiive - when 50 years ago 1973 he determined to focus his ma stats from cambridge dampt to meda/research of purposeul markets
the moon landing 1960s mase it feel entering nothing impossible ra but it was decade bedor chris started first of 50 trips to asia; what had impacted sas's thinking deom a teen only imacted xhris from age 32 ... but 1982 also offered opportunity to co-author book -would 100 tiewsmore tech per decade unitepeoples in new era of collab needed for susraiability?

Friday, October 15, 2021

flowing water and learning

when  2001-i was special interest group editing european union virtual community KM & emotional intelligence  and conintent wide collaoration cirties lculturally/green mediated by barcelona and rome- we formed water angels as the most open netowrk of natures flows; I have ben trying to understand human's corresponding most open elarning network since co-auothpring 2025 repitrt in 1984 - expect some crazy concepts below (until a few become common sense) 

which is sdg generations most transparently linkedin community ----- please tell our co-editors at if you see an even real virtual or blended between now and guterres 2023

for example we are mintoring the 3 months transformation of the next 4 yeasrs of itu digtal world currently beaming down daily fprm vietnam- which are the lesson modules if iyu summits were also a mooc and how do the connect with other new moocs like the worlds laregst ngo partenrship

Is linkedin's withdrawal from china the greatest opportunity for singularity and sdg generation partners? It could be the right time to design a linked in valuing those graduates who aim to humanise ai (eg connectors of networks like #aiforgood run by ITU but part sponsored by singularity) - pilot the community in chiense as linkedin withdraws ; but time when to relink worldwide sustainability and singularity entrepreneurs? 

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

 my dream first debated in 1984 book i co-authored is one day students will own their skills digital dashboards - meanwhile breaking through with refugee learning passports as unicef has promised to advance dubai december seems step in right direction - wonderful if hope and geneva institute have faster way to stack qualifications for service learning graduates/refugee hotspots  etc