schools brief 14 (1964): in this 100th year of tele mediated by Switzerland's ITU, Global Connectivity takes a giant leap for womankind with satellite telecoms. Whilst this year's use is the first live olympics globally out of Tokyo, 1962's Consider Japan's Asia Rising models can now amplify, future of work may change around telecommuting; university grads will one day open source (aiforgood networks without borders)..RSVP to help co-edit maps of last - featuring Economist worldwideweb Journeys to sustainability first published 1984; inspired by neumann survey of what goods will peoples do with 100 times more tech per decade since dad norman meeting princeton 1951

Sunday, November 27, 2022

ahead of 2023 reolutions, can we get zoom quorum for 2020s number 1 women empowerment and digital world connectors?

 dear Vincent would you be able ti join us zoom dc 8th from about 9.30 am WST - john and I will be chatting with hk jeanne lim at 9.30- back in spring she opened our eyes to race to scale women empowerment on the metaverse and as she had sold sophia into be the un's sdgs robot envoy she was already in middle of knowing all the challenges of the sdgs and digotal un2 roadmapping and ai deep maths challenges; she told us that lugging 7 cases to assemble sophia on un stafes was crazy as soon as avatars could do messaging 24/7- she also has berkeley psychology degree and is an asian yoga retreat leader for anything that womens cooperation uni want to go digital or embed/app community bottom up servant leadership gov2 - jesnne knows the nexus within hong kong gamers and others concerned with both digital media, landless youth celebrities and ai being diversely deep and ethical; its probable that the female ethics director of microsoft in san francsico will join in at 10am est - if first knew her when at georgetown in 2008 she organssed student union concerned with womens acid victmes; dec 8 is profiably our best chance this year of getting a quorum though we'd love to update with you t any time- there my be a part 2 on arts from about 11; and I am still trying to get the female founder of to meet john - what she proved 2 weeks ago is that those who understand gaming platforms can now host college level training and stackable certifiication without bricks-costly college campuses- arizona state which was always supposed to be the tech connector of SOROS osun has donated 5 by $2000 tickets to ed3dao to the big asu partners summit april 2023 fortuitously themed as ed on the edge and the sandbox subnetwork of animoca brands and asia's mr metaverse yat siu out of san francisco and hong kong also sees e3dao as its core education partner

Monday, November 21, 2022

breaking valley asks if we can host state of world zoom dec 8

 Dear Makoto (wow great news dec1- can we see draft un speech), Jeanne Samira Vriti Vincent -please could you join us for a zoom  8th dec 7am us west coast time  -...........................................- I will be writing individually with friend john kiehl whose in his 50th year out of new york and boston of hosting probably the most human/arts recording studio is usa soundtrackny; ...among several asks - in addition to who values artists and youth's heroines changing the 2020s world, who would like to write up/co-publish 3 pagers on year in 2023+ web and other futures educators and tech can help guterres celebrate in connecting gaps between younger and older half of world; a month ago i was in hong kong where several amazing teams are not just publishing visions but meta-scaling them; jeanne's is transferring legacy of robot sophia helping curate UN launch of sdgs to women empowerments meta-avatar curating that purpose of the verse; vriti has just hosted 3 day summit around her nft (association of up to 6000  youth futures co-creators) to me it showed anything i would ever want my mind shaped by at a university can now be online at dozens of parallel lecture rooms and after action debriefing meetups; and in happy digital worlds students can own their skills dashboards with personal mind trainers--  if thats how smartest 18 to 21 yeras olds demand their time  is spent and UN future summits are staged 23-24- what about the rest of k-20 time of teachers and youth in a blockchainable world of whose courses and community service cooperations just do (what with) ITu? many generations of my scots diaspora family have been most influenced by asian human development in part because that was the intergenerational story since 1860 that the economist continued searching as legacy of its founder's impact on the uk royal family- queen voctria asked founder james wilson to go charter banking and taxes for quarter of beings on india subcontinet 1859- he only issued one state of nation survey before dying of dirrhea calcutta 1860; it took 112 yeras before women empowerment banking/edu for community building gravitated that out of the new nation of bangladesh- youth have been reporting views on that to us since 2007-dad's legacy circulating 2000 yunus books, 10000 dvds from 2008; our greatest support cam from hapan ambassdor to dhaka who organsied 2 rembrance diners chaired by sir fazle abed- two of 16 trips graduate jouranlists and I made to case study real and digital cooperations abed platformed; vincent has led 4 yeras of abed's university legacy; makoto's day job is nippon life government affairs; jeanne and vriti are scaling extrordinary meat-futures aligned to frameworks guterres has planted in every op division of un; samira and I discussed women victims of acid ttacks while she was postgraduating from Georgetown 2008; perhaps her story of whats next can start off our zoom ; ??  also collecting stioies at - a genre that emerged from consequence of dad meeting von neumann 1951- they agreed journalism's greatest scoop might be what good can peoples unite with 100 times more tech per decade - thks JW

7 year future itches- 180 ro 260 yer moral histiriues and millennials as sustainability generation

  thank you for suggesting 7am pacific dec 8- let me see if i can arrange a zoom quorum - I will try and ask people to share a short profile- does their life's purpose  gravitate a 7 year itch to 2030- what if any huge ops and threats have digital webs/life brought to human experience since 1990; ideally this summary would be in a version people are happy shared on linkedin and lunchclub type or similar formats; they can always cluster in smaller private groups; for me 7 year itch matches all of UN sdg deadlines, under 30 hopes for kinder and better community building worlds, what education-tech transformation is now needed and main story of Bill Gates in his mid 1990s book Way Ahead; he made the exponential auditing observation - for planners the puzzle is less change happens in 3 years than might be expected; much more change happens in 7 years;  ; 2023 is 180th year since scots of adam smith mindset founded the economist to help queen victoria transform empire round goals 2 1 - eg end starving the irish, design bank and taxes by and for quarter of beings on india subcontinent - Economist founder james wilson had some success with food getting corn laws repealed but when queen victora authorised charter bank of india - he only issued one state of indian continent report before dying of diarrhea a year after arriving in calcutta; in effect it took 112 years before women empowerment banking by fazle abed sorted out both end death by diarrhea and aid 2.0 through which up to a billion asian village mothers develop 2020-1970; I want to publish something on this in 2023 either as a book firm or a shared futures conversation; also friends at glasgow university inted june 2023 to mark 265th ketnote of smiths moral sentiments with microedusummit - one immediate goal of the zoom who wants to publish a 3 pager on what to design into web 3 or meta - obviously I am just rehearsing aloud what dec 8 could dialogue around-if you have another way to frame whats next. I'd love to hear that; my fathers life at the economist tried to action a scoop he and von neumann agreed when they met in 1951- if the legacy of the Goats of maths was 100 times more tech per decade- what goods could peoples unite? we are arguably in the last round of playing our species greatest game; this also matches keynes final chapter of general theory of employment, interest, money

Thursday, November 10, 2022

2022 = 60th year since dad Norman at The Economist started connecting asian and western youth as if sustainability depended on this - Aiming to end 2022 (leap forward with second half of UN sdgs race 2023 eg  designed to celebarate 10000 most exciting youthful storytellers of goals and actions of sustainabliity generation)  with lots of celebration of asian mediated solutions which  every western millennial and educator needs to know exist - and are ready for web3 decentralisation anywhere in need

this weekend - an extraordinary edtech summit is led by asian american in New York Vriti Saraf; if it hadnt been for covid likely she would still be at the whittle school in shanghai - certainly new york and east coast education's gain

if you look at or we look at many ways that Guterres Un2.0 would not ecist with asian ed tech starting up digitk ciperation acriss the UN in 2016

interesting too is the Un league table of egov- 

fascinating whos leaping up the rankings becasue most of teh basiic of empowering citizends with digital gov can be replicated from anywhere that first shows how - singapre is one place whose egov solutions almost every others natiuons citizens can gain from knowing about

next year will be 40th since dad and I sent 2025report to the publsjers - how to escape orweel's big broth endgame - assembling final edition of that still work to be done on finding escape routes (from hell's like Putin , next void or nature's wrath) - wonder if must wil; koin us with twitterversal case; if noy how about or my extraidinary debriefs last month from

estonia and slovenia are other stars as their versions of AI help augment human skils - japan has partnered with slovenai and teh 14 UN coleges to spead these clebrations

wow and thansk everyobe chris and lessons from billion poorest asian mothers

Monday, October 10, 2022

 I have DAMTP MA in statistics and live in Bethesda. I would like to discuss 2025 report last edition with you. Dad. The Economist's Norman Macrae, and i first co-authored this in 1984. We argued for the hypothesis that edtech needed to be integral to millennials being first sustainability generation. We timelined web1, web2 likely arrival dates. Our main hope for 2020 that children identities would be supported by skills dashboard and digital personal lesson trainers has not yet materialised but can happen if educators and metaverse wizards get together. as first year round youth network addressing this is a start. My father's last 3 years began 16 trips where I sherpa's young graduate reportes to Bangladesh to understand the socio-economic miracle of Poorest Billion Village Womens nation building 1972-2022. While we were first shown round Bangladesh Xmas 2007 by Dr Yunus with whom we sampled 2000 of his social business partnership book, Fazle Abed and Brac University became the biggest data story I have ever researched. It makes 1980s global research for MIT market database, and subsequent research projects for Price WaterHouse Coopers and world leading Ad Agencies seem superficial - at least in terms of data for poverty alleviation and rural adaptation   and so 2015+ curricula of sdgs and edtech. Father had met Von Neumann on 1951 and been instructed to train journalists in the scoop - what good will peoples do with 100 times more tech every decade to the 2020s?.  It is not widely known that it was health and edtech alumni of Abed who at UNGA 2016's first annual review of sdg4 launched digital cooperation uniting UN:NY, Paris and Geneva (where tech, health and trade expertise has been twinned since 1945). This is the genesis of Guterres UN2 Digital Roadmapping Embedding edtech data quality as fast as metaverse rolls out main explain our species future. Von Neumann;s daughter would also like to help- perhaps launching AI Hall of Fame - if suitable.  Chris Macrae +1 240 316 8157. My family also knows the main BBC nature broadcasters and (now) King Charles informal support through such channels as, Royal Geographical Society and Youth Climate Champions as a British consular program allied to English language teaching. I can send you current publisher proposal for 2025 Report -last edition . But this is not much about me but connecting deep enough cooperation platforms east-west, south-north. Do you think, for example, Wolfram's mathematica ought to be involved? Chris Macrae +1 240 316 8157

Friday, October 7, 2022


The 2020s is 10th decade humans have been connecting 100 times more tech per decade. Only this technology can resolve every extinction risk facing our species- notably the UN's SDGs announced in 2015. 

Its blind or bad application can also race us towards extinction. Indeed world war 2 was the earliest demonstration of himans are capable of very bad tech apps

The pace of tech change accelerated to 100 times multiplier around the GOATS of mathematics: Von Neumann , Einstein, Turing et al (see eg my father's biography of von neumann 1993 or a new one in 2022.

The physical power of Engineering (beyond horsepower) began around alumni of Glasgow U James Watt 1760. Fortunately Glasgow U also provide a great systems mapmaker Adam Smith  to write up both the last systems maps of the world before engines (moral sentiments) and the first 16 year summary of impacts of engines on humans (The Advantages of Nations). In June 2023, Galsgow's 265 celebration of Adam Smith moral sentiments is being branded microeducationsummit in celebration of first 15 yeras of studying billion asian womens human develoment economiscs inytroduced to 1000 Glasgwegains at 25oth moral sentiments convocation. This has inspired 2 new journals - new economics and social busienss -each includes a vibrant youth sub-editorial panel which is concerened with voing deep interdisvciplinary questions.


 About a century after Watt's birth of engineering,  it was electricity's bridge between power and TELE (communications) hubbed out of central Europe which upped the rise of technology change. In 1865 Switzerland was chosen for the foundation of the ITU (the first tele product was telegraph but today we know T=Telecoms). For long distance even worldwide communications to work cooperation was needed around one evolving standard; and indeed place governments soon needed to licence out the commons of the airwaves. Most industries beginning with tele (telegraph, telephone, telex , television, telecoms, Satlloite1G-5G  ...;) or rad (radar, radio..) multiply each others consequences. Thats what connectivity does. The consequences include what mathamaticians can chaos. As Einstein's maths proved, nature is always interacting connections at more micro levels than man's science can figure. The Covid pandemic is just one illustration of why humans can no longer afford world eladers ignorant if the King Canute finding - the most powerful man in the world is no match for natures waves. Mathematically this means that professions which make judgements by bordering out extrenalities to their hypotheses are now compunding potentially terminal risks. Will transparency be brought to professions which historically societies gave monpoplot=y licences to conditional to Hippocratic Oath do no harm.

My father met Von Neumann in 1951 and was asked whether he could mentor weekly newpaper jourmalists at the Economist in the world most valuable question: what good will peoples connect with 100 times more tech per decade? Neumann advocated the century long timeline 1930s to 2020s. He worked night and day on positive possiblitiies such as computing between war's end 1945 and his death from nucliear induced cancer 1957. In a game of top 52 alumni to linkin updated annually at since 2008, Neumann remains an essential nomination for anyone involved with sustainability reality. We host this game as a survey we can learn 360 degree contributions from but Neumann is one of the true worldwide anchors to our hypothesis of what gravitates advancing the human lot 

Von Neumann clarified some specific challenges. First his generations of mathematicains wanted their keagcy to be goods not bads they had mainly spent their lives on in the nuclear arms race. Second it was computings new fusion that offered a chance for good to race agead of bad. Neumann clarified the opportuniy of good was way above zero sume models of huan exchnages. For examples when life critical knowhoo is shared and app's that multiplies value in use unlike consuming up things which is constrained to being at best a zrero sum game.

Neumann also clarified that expereiemntal access to 100 times more leaps would not be evenly distributed geographically. So would places open source good? Specifically Von Neumann notes show that he hoped that most patents with his new technologies would last a maximum of 6 months. His logic 6 months give such a partnership lead in networking value that if you are advancing good, you would not want more than 6 months patent protection

The irst 15 yeras that Economist journalists included NNeumann's questioninh=ng in what The Economist called a severe contest of leadership seemed to demostarte some amzing goods:

Alumni of Boralug were the first connectirs of a tech "crop science" that offered 10 times more local production of staple foods. Much of the Asian two thirds of the world's beings needed this knowhow to prevent starvation while they also tried to go beyond mostly being colonised. Deming showed the Jpanese that if a product eg cars depends on 4000 engineering parts contimois impmrovement can be optimally mapped around sme networks (eg 4000 innovatirs) than one comany trying to control each parts manufaturing innovation. By being the continous goodsd assembled at the epicentre of the parts networ, a company could generate far more value for itself and with small entrepreneurial startups. A twist to this idea came when Japan was also the epiebtre of the container revolution offering 10 times more efficieny to docking. Suddenlt transsborder win-win trading models emerged- see the map japan , korea, south, taiwan hk, singapore all gleefully recorded in The Economist from 1962's first survey Consider Japan. To dad who had spent his last days a s a teen navigatirr in allied bomber command Burma there was a particular joy that the epace umbrella around Jpan was becoming the epicentre of two win-win economic models that all Asia Rising needed to advance beyond subsietence living. The Economist called these rural keynesianism and Coastal Roadsters.

It was indeed a japnese order from a calculatpt manufacturedr that caused Intel to invent the programmable chip. Intel's Gordon Moore clarifies his company didnt want to become over dependednt on one chip design. Iyt was also Moore's Law that became the first publishe example of a tech industry committed to 100 time more icapability every decade.  The Legacy of Von Neumnn had by 1960 been grounded around 2 AI Labs: out of stanford (Inlel's region) facing the pacific and 70% of peoples whsoe world trade is shiped there and ouut of MIT facint the Atlantic around which about 25% of peoples trades are shipped. I have left 5% unclassified (eg those ldepending on arctic circle resources) though you can play with these numbers and in nuemma's logic they would need to inetract positively anyhow.

Kennedy had been the first worlld leader to joyfully offere future generation moon shts: 10+ year visions to celebarte the coming 100 fold tech apoplication too.

Meanwhile back at the birth of the United Nation was the digital twinning out of geneva of ITU and world multi-win trade mapping UNCTAD and world health while UN H in NY led policy making around such human goals as trust/safety, inclusion, rights and service of oublic goods.

Although the 1960s had been set up for potential mediation advances, a lot went wrong -assination of america's most passioate futiure eladers, the start of the cold war in which America and Russia were more interested in signing up dictatirs than seeing poorest places people sustainable growth. In my fathers case to distinguish mediation of economics from a new shirt-term numeroligist, he started ebcouarging Economist Journalists to debate the coming of globalisation around future hostirians and entrepreneurial revolution. 

to my family and friends the byptodut of satellite telcoms was far the most valauble connectir of 100 time more. telecommuiting was one idea reheradsed in the 1960s Economist. The importace of new media maximising life critical knowhow netwirking could be pivotal to Von Neumann alumni. Unfortunately this is not really how mass global television evolved. Futher more system choices Nixom made : taking the paer dolar off teh gold stanadrd, starting the expoenetial rise of colege fees were not conguent with helping next genrrations multiply the ultimate local good- ending poverty sowherever the next child is boirn she has a fair opportunity to thrive. 

In 1984, I hekped dad publish the first 2025 report- asking what the furst 2 web area would bring from 1990. As you can see from this robituary review by The Economist former science eidtor Viscoiunt Ridkey: futrure histirain friends timed the tech  consequences offered by web1,2 reasonable accurtely but many of society's most urgent sustainability goals have so far been overshot

In this regard what happened in 2016 is potentailly the greatest game chnager I have ever seen. One group reviweing the first year of sdg4 education reacted abnormally to the news that there was no chnace of achieving the goal unless a lot more fundraising was done. They asked what would happen if education was reponsible for connecting all the pardctitioners embedded in the Un branches starting with a fusison of gebeva's tech trade and health practice leaders with the headquarters policy making, yoiuth futures Unicef and UNESCO's associated remit out of paris with the oecd. What has happened so far is a playing board with 9 pieces for a compete revolution in government to empower service to the peopels instead of voicing over them. HAVE A LOOK ANS EE IF THERE ARE NYP;AYING PECES YOUR STUDENTS AND ETACERS, Prensnts and communities can appky to con veumanns challenge.

I interpret this as opening the door to devating 101 ways education can save us from extbiguisk=hing our next gerations. If we are going to do this we need to celebrate those who have found ways to help the very poorest leapfrog through waht can now be classified as the 5 eras of tele

people without ekecrticity people with electricity and tele but not digital 2-way webs


web 2

wgat we are designing in 2020s web3 aka metverse; almots every expertise nay have a diferent name for blockchain deep dta innovations - so decentralised finance is one huge example. Whats intersting to me is to comile a premeier league tabvle of citiznes and inddeed rural vilage nwetorkers who see web3 and the ssutainabilitybgoals as last chnace opprtunities. Meanwhile instiyutions inside the UN likke its Uniceversity with 14 national branches in have become key investment areas eg by Jpapan which is into year 60 of being celebrated by enetrepreneurial revolution economists as an epicenhtre of asia rising models

Hong Kong Estonia Slovenia Mongolia (ITU shiterlansd parteners - since 1865 globl connecetiviyty

with einstein sinec 1920 intellectual cooperation

From 1945 UN ditgital twin with neighboring imapctsb of health and trade 

how 1g to 5g evolved from late 1970s

from 2003 3 monts in evey teay summit on infprmatio soevieties ie web 2 fy=utires

from 2018 ai for good as two of 9 revolutionary dynamics with edu digital coperation of UN digiral roadmappin; unlike wsis aiforgood sled leap to 24.7 zoom world

in 2022 itu with xprize had started first year round youth copetition

guterres has called for yeras 22-2--24 to host future summits and to make youjng er hallf of teh worlds voice equaly to the elders haf in asking what goods can we do next

Enter the leapfrog modelleyr whose 50 yeras work supported human develomen of 1 billaion asian vilage mothers and inspired 3 of the main royal families reponsible for mapping post-colonial reparations across asia UK Netherlads Japan

Have a look at 30 coperation mapped by frineds of the half century of leap frog work linkedin to 1 billion asian womens place building by one time royal duucy shell regional ceo Fazle Sbed

add in yunus testimony

-see ho were abed top 50mpartners at time of death including giterreres jim kim leader of the sdg4revolution band, abdul latif whose sponsorship ar=tb MIT turned rearch of abed worl into the nobel economisc field of 2019; see also diary of where debates on how tranformational can egove be - mongollia led 2 day zoom of that spet 2022; indonesia b=g20 and india g20 offere asia 3 first comers global stages for impacting chnage in what education does next