(EWa) and ED invites you to help us connect our futures alphabet A B D F G H J M S Wo U Y. At -... we are in trouble - good trouble. Its as if everything we published from 73 years of Economist surveys with von neumann whom dad met in 1951 is history. That's good news- thanks 8 billion to AI Angel visiting Washington DC on 1 March 2023 :: ...Golden Oldie flashback: schools brief 14 (1964):

Sunday, April 14, 2024

Partners sought for final edition of 2025 report

 It is likely that the main fieldbook of our last edition will impact the user like a travel guide to 1000 very good human intelligences

There are several inspirations to how future history genre of 2025 report but the one understood my today's co-editors starts in 1945 with Economist Editor Geoffrey Crowther. Geffrey edited London's weekly journal The Economist for over a decade before and after world war 2's conclusion. He also edited the centenary autoboigraphy of The Economist in 1943. As he said this was a unique opportunity to make sense of 100 year journalism instead of weekly reporting

In 1945 the exponentially deepest engineering question was could the impacts of engineers 2025-1945 celebrate more human good relationships around mother earth than the media and electricity engines begun out of Switzerland's IRU in 1865.

If the new engines of 1865 had root caused 2 world wars, it was likely that consequences of Engines 2025-1945 woul be be expoentially far better of far worse. As a Keynesian, Crowther was interested in what locks in possinbilities of next generations futures. My family entreeed into Crowrher's inquiry as dad had spent his last days as teen nanigatir allied bomer command burma, surviving he was in Keynes last class before Crowther hired dad and by 1951 sent dat to Priceton/New York to ask Von Neumann (and his NET: Einstein, Turing) about expoential multipliers

During the fisst 13 years that The Economist sever quesyioning of leaders included the NET's expected accelerations , Kennedy, Prince Charles and Japan's Emperor influenced the future - see; in effcet the pacific ocean (california to the coastal belth Jpaan Korea Taiwan HK and Singapore) had become an alternative innovation space to the atlantic theatre (Us east coast, and the 3 euoopes of isnads, of itu and central europe, and the EU's 6first 6 countries og 1955 which faf observed as only journalist Messina 1955)

So as we search for very good intelligences - 4 centre of gravities worth including:

how stanfrd became epicentre of global competition of training comuter brans (Fei-Fei Li epiecente before and after 2012)

the consequence of Jensen huang beettinng furtire comter design on 2012's ai breakthrough

the consequences of hassabis desinging intelligence games martching einstein's natural science revolution of 1905!

the cobsewquences of King Charles inviting commonwealth and turing worlds to LM Kings Ebglish in AI World series from Bletchley 2023, Korea and Parus, and why not space yot place digiral twins AI Soverigty

For Scots we could go back earlier. In 1758 Smith had asked what wil be the triangulaisation of 

1 natures systems

2 humans moral sentiments

3 man mafe (aeruficial) engines that his Glasgow University compatriot James Watt was emerging

Smith's explorations of compound systems are context rich. Scitlabd had become a coloy of London Kings since 1710s. Smith wanted to see a continent nit just one bellicose island be free to design enginnering futures. So he wasnt unhapply when Celtic friends led tea parties and US independence though Smith would not hav intended doubling down of Englosh Empire on two thirs of humans who were Asian 

 While we are looking forclues to crossroads that spiun rounf sysyems - its interestin to ask when did the King's english become the lingua franca of world trade.  

When it comes to LLM (Large Language Mapping) it helps to see when did English become the world's business language - somewhere between 1666 when dutch gave the english what became new york, late 1690s when Newton turned from cambridge science academic to master of London Mint (newly designed pounda gold standard) or 1730s start up of Lloyds; in any event this was before the start of engineering 1760 an birth of independeent usa 1776

Monday, March 4, 2024

Alas Poor Bard

 Bard appears to have been the first and last chat with deep wit. I could ask him to take any current crisis abd replay in in a will shakespeare conetxt and nobody did it better

But recently not only did google end bard but their idea of diversity was a day when gemini artwork turned everone black from pope fracis to hitler. This wont do - deep data is what a lot more work needs attendung to- not altmans demanding 7 trillion dollars to fulfil his general arrogance


Here are some profiles - of course any errors are solely mine 


VC is a Taiwanese American living in Los Angeles- he achieved 3 engineering doctorates at Yale, MIT and Berkeley - then led 3 university systems from around 2008 building business school of Peking university, then Hong Kong -Shenzen system of universities, then vice chancellor of Bangladesh global poverty university of fazle abed  Intelligence building 8th most populous nation

I was very sad to hear of the departure last week of MIT's late great Edward Roberts - I met him briefly 3 decades after i had spent 1980s compiling mit/harvard databank on worldwide societal needs (still a best of king imo) 
probably nobody did more than ER to ensure every discipline discovered its own entrepreneurial breakthrough students

Roughly RW's team out of MIT have presented at both world economic forum and ted how they can take a historical series of place updates (legislative or cultural solutions) and after digitalising use AI to re-establish that places deepest/diverse intel

Its these sorts of deep data treasures that compose very good AI at least as far as 73 years work on von Neumann's and Turing's diaries indicates - so through my alma mater in Cambridge England in America I am making some connections with those analysing the 250 million protein Alphafold2 database of deep mind with its leaps in biotech and climate intel

In general whats unique about King Charles call to unite ai world series is linking who's science is designing deep data not who's just general ai chatting

In the last paragraphs of this presentation by Taiwan and American's latest tech genius Nvidia Jensen Huang - he says he wishes his GPUs would be used to connect chat with deep local cultures/language not AI general woffle. He's already given 50 million dollar to his alma mater Oregon state

Is there any idea we can come up with? I would have thought Soros last promise to Abed to connect open society universities was all about local language intel and deep community trust. For example of 2024's urgency, Brooklyn library is becoming more likely to help with us deep data diversity than the UN campus in Manhattan the way politics is spinning. The civil society futures event i attended Thursday had slipped back on every millennial intel dimension debated a year earlier.

chris +1 240 316 8157 Wash Dc greater region

Friday, June 9, 2023

Architect Intelligence (AI) - Diary of goods multiplied by humans to date - 2022 to 1951 -under construction

 Seconded by the London Economist to UNYPrinceton for most of 1951 neumann trained my father on Q&A about the leagacy of his peer NET (Neumann Einstein Turing) what goods would humans unte wherever accessing 100+ times more tech per decade

022 deep mind 200000 proteins greatest science leap ever - see also

update 2023 - fei-fei li - transfimeed ai for society since 205 - dowload upfate from worldrecordjobs

includres top 100 supporters of relaunch Atanford HAI - human centred AI

1951 4 main compound threats visioneed by net

un challenges

enerhy challehges

win-win economics intelligences

fusion of brain science, software and hardware

other stanford updates:

2005 stanford commencemnt talk - visuon steve jobs - links to f=his support of women empowerment intel since 2001- preview how can his upcoming lauch of university in phobe support women empoerede intel and millennals as firs sgd gen

jerry yang reinvests most of his tresources from yahoo to stanfird- coordniates many cooperations using hus remit as leading taiwabese american

2015 pinchai appointed as ceo after superb work since start at google and graduation stanfird

google founded by 2 stanfird alumni

Tuesday, May 23, 2023

under construction
What sort of (Architeture of) Intel mifghty be gathered from the only person to have spent 50 years building a top 10 nation in popluulation from bottom up? Well. first lets clarify. He focused pon developing rural peoples who were 90% of the nation at the birth of bagladesh. At the tome the nationa govermnment baredly had the finamces tp look after national securotys and the 10% living oin the city. The rural people witjh no electricity grods were literally beyond their initial ability to serve. It ha[ened that Fazle abed spent hos life savings on revui,ding a meta vilage of 15000 homes and then found himself im,mediuately ersponsbiole for designing buinseess however small that solaved challenges like startavt -eg growing rice  or dyoing from illnesses anyone in a city would have advivce on how to cure. Within 2 yeras he found that at elast 1000 small bsueinss now needed finacial services, and he went t0o the goverbment assuming they would want tpo be the bank. And wws told we still dont have the ability to do that in such a re,otte place. So he started microfiance serbices but pelkase note tehse were offered to those whose value chains his microfrnachsies had designed. Barring ilnness of natural disasters therse were as risk free as any bankeing portfolio anywhere provided you were located to serve them. Moreover Fqmzle Abed didnt hire special bankres - be basically asked thraienrs of then microftabchsie to keep the banking books too. these peopel were only too glad later when tech permited them to get baclk to atrtining fuioll time.
Abed chnaged aid by being committed to the svcoaia busines model wherever possible. When he did pitch for a grant he preferred to be rsearching a world chlass solution the grantee might want elsewhere. Its true he was lucky with the first maoin grant he got. He had enetrered unicef competition of year of teh child. He'd rehearsed how to help mothers apply rorla rehydration to stop infangts dying ftom diarrhea. His solution was so effective that the prize was exyedned to training the whole mnation in oral rehdrayion and emanwhiel unicef extended the lesson across many tropical rural places including chinna whios becamne hugely grateful to abed. Tere was not suggestion taht eiother country would invest in te other but as both raced empower over abilion bilagers to end extereme poveryty - tehy swapped siolutions like rich rice varaionst worked best where.
The elssons on human dev economics intel that c an be explored from abed's expereince 1072 to 201h9 fit into 2 halves; 25 yeras where partenrs platfor,ms involved workd of nout or nob or =of print networking as vilagfers still had no acecss toe elctriocity-; then frok 1995 what hapoened when partenrs brough solar and mobile. When my father died the japan ambassador to  nbangaldesh knowinbg father had celebrated rural kenesiansm entrepreneurs across asia since 1962 kindlt=y staged 2 dinner barisntormings ession with fazle abed. Whilst I wanted (and eventually wenbt back) with jourbalsut stduents 16 tiems to rewind to the top 30 cooperations from both eras (isolated vilages) vilages leapfroging- abed was very interetyed during his last dec ade oin a chalenge he and steve jobs hasd set each other in 2001.

Friday, April 28, 2023

Chapter 1 Rules of gameboard  -play to augment you & yours & worldwide friendfs emotional and brain intel nb every being's number 1 investment is time; second unless you inherited riches you need to understan d whetehr a palce's finacial serbices are pro=youth -if not whats the logic of disadvantaging youth in an era when intel will determine everywhere's futures

fottonote 1.1 can be used as supplement to all chapters - explanation if this student social business game started in coloege year2007/2008 and updated annually

 Chapter 2 2020s can get 8 billion beings uniting 17 sdgs - if we help each other celebrate great leaps in humanAI and rid ourselves of eg rotten media AI - see 
Chapter 3 2010s  Norman's dream search hosted by Asians I billion women empowering end poverty's humn dev economics aid 2.0 and 3.0
s many false turns as 1900s
Chapter4 2000's surely we're not going to rerun all 1900s mistakes - including have any of thye 10 geonomic crsises of 1900 been improved
Chapter 5 well digital life is beginning to be webbed but is the old west unable to transform tele2 era?

Returning to 1984's 2025 report in more details 
- where did we forget lessons published durinhed in the economist 10951-1985
where exactly can 2020s ai return usto script
The Economist had covered sectirs 1 to 5 in detaiul as offering signals for kepeinf doigotala nd global on track
wjhat pn eaths the pooint of 100 tiem more tech i we cant prioritied g2 nuturion 3 health 4 nutrition 5 women and othere qualities 6 clean water 1 finance/investment in previously marj=ginalised communities

my father impressed on me that millennaisl like my daughter born in 1997 should be ecouraged to  twin freindshsips everywhere possible statrting with reverifying hostory which dad reviewed througn coastal belts having survived as teen anvigatir allied momber co,kan d burma - it dod not harom to have google maps in his head 50 yeras befiore most journalists of globalisation - i feel i never asked father all teh details i could but eg bard is currently reasonably fair in terms of sirting out how what when west colonised 

overall would love  to be contacted inf anyone wants to map history around 3 minute lessons plans ; in some ways this is far mire interesting to me as cultt\utral transpaltion game rather than anyone being exactly correct

history quiz
which wetsrener first found pacific ocean for colonisation
what was the most dominant world trade crop/spice between asia and west up to 1500?
what ws nost dominat crop/spice of British Emoire trade
which two naval nations proceeded brits in dominating trade in pacific from westcircum navigating
which crop did the portigies estanlish as most popular of their inward trading to Europe
Discuss why spain seems to have been the european empirte that both grew the fastet from 1500s and declined the fastest- appraose any consequences
 south africa- why and when did both of tehse countrues ene up mainly partnerung in britannias domination  of half teh workd oceans until the world wars
footnote 1.1 the right hand side of our game board is cpncenred with maths pf ways peoples time is spent; we believe humans have every much right to domenad this maths is atetnded to as whatever it is that economist claim they attend to - for more on why this transparency is critiaclly imporrtant seel last chapter of keynes generatl theory of money interest and employment

Sunday, March 19, 2023

2025 Report - final cooperation edition - what goods can people unite where first to access 100 times more intel-tech per decade
My family has been researching future ops and threats of 100 times more intel-tech since my birth year, 1951, when dad norman met von neumann. Or if you count my grandfathers' works since the 1920s. My mathernal grandad. Sir Kemmeth Kemp,  mediated visions with Gandhi out of Bombay (today's Mumbai) as that places chief justice over 20 years, before his last project: writing up for London the legalese of the independence of the quarter of humans on the subcontinent of India. My paternal grandad was Britain's main diplomat connecting intel on the evils of Hitler and Stalin. Dad was home-schooled in British Embassies including Stalin's Moscow to his early teens. He spent his las days as a teen navigating planes in alled bomber command Burma. So when dad met von neumann and agreed on behalf of The Economist to apply his survey on goods, they both had deep experiences of bads. They both interpreted ending poverty as designing a world in which next girl born had a fair chance to live out of every community 
Agendas of humanly valuable intel. Above all Neuman  was interested in mapping way above zero sum value exchanges. Thus when humans share life critical community knowhow value multiplies in use unlike consuming up things or printing paper currencies detached from standards other than political whim Von neumann and friend Einstein concerns included: End asymetries of the 8 biggest powers that had ended in 2 world wars; celebrate inclusion the up to 70% of beings that the colonial era had left out of access to electricity grids or telecoms; Outlast stalin as the one (insane) leader who wholly disagreed with the actions the UN was founded to serve; Mediate the threats of the maths Goats two defining future contributions to  to physical energy and brain power. Neumann pit it like this: the energy source my networks are helping to develop will make scientists both the most hated and wanted  citizens of any country; my other project the computer's augmentation of intelligence will one day be even more important- and potentially even more dangerous.
Welcome to roadmapping the 2020's you all are intergenerationally responsible for. 

.UN Spring March 2023 - Guterres arranged for thousands to be pre-trained on foci of his last 3 college yeras:23-24 sdgs - we are going backwards since their 2015 declaration - what system breakdowns need fixing; 24-25 global futures forum ; 25-26 what if we value Entrepreneurial Revolution of civil society designs triangularising corporate and national designs. (26-27 sees UN2 election year transitioning beyond Guterres 10 yeras of leadership which began jan 2017.
Since the college year 2015-16 the world has lived with mediating the 17 sdgs framework, together with the emergence of UN2 digital roadmapping. And since spring 2016 at the 80th birthday party of Fazle Abed, the Digital Cooperation framework has emerged. Whilst this represents the cooperation development voices of the poorest billion womens and poorest billion men's development experiences since 1951, it also represents the new university brainstorming begun in 2001 between Fazle Abed and Mr and Mrs Steve Jobs. Neither Steve nor Fazle had completed 4 year pare certificated before more practical matters shaped their young adult lives. Thank goodness they weren't chained to academia's paper chases....THE nEWs. Although world trade growth may look as if it is driven by East-West shipping across pacific and atlantic oceans, North South counts exponentially too. Its the N-S Eurasian space that gestated the 2 world wars. Today the populations in charge of the Antarctic and Arctic circles may be a very small percentage, but climate models suggest supporting their innovations may be the borderless challenge around which risks of species extinction can be mitigated 
www.economistdiary.com17 happiest cooperations ever webbed- we aim to help map these - long way ahead on sgoals 4 edu 5 womens productivity 6 sanitation/water - rsvp to join in or help map other sdg compasses- thanks to all of 73rd annual ai updates started by von neumann and the economist 1951

Wednesday, March 15, 2023


BRAC WASH in Bangladesh has succeeded in reaching more than twice as many ultra poor people with sustained use of hygienic sanitation than it had even ...


We act as a catalyst, creating opportunities for people living in ...

Water, sanitation and hygiene

The journey began in 1972 in the newly sovereign Bangladesh, ...


The BRAC WASH programme began in 2006 and has ...

WASH in shcool 2 pager.eps

BRAC has been implemenঞng the. “WASH in School' project ...

BRAC WASH programme has a vast
experience with working in schools. From
2007-2015, the programme with support
the Embassy of the Kingdom of the
Netherlands (EKN), worked in 5000 rural
secondary schools. Addi􀦞onally, from
2014-2015, WASH facili􀦞es were
installed in 71 urban schools supported
by Splash, and 250 rural schools
supported by charity: water

Clean water


771 million people in the world live without clean water. That’s nearly 1 in 10 people worldwide. The majority live in isolated areas and spend hours each day walking to collect water for their family. Not only does walking for water keep girls out of school, but it steals the time women could be using to earn an income. And the water often carries diseases that make everyone sick.

charity: water is on a mission to end the global water crisis.Since 2006, we’ve funded clean water for more than 16.8 million people in 29 countries alongside 54 dedicated local partners.

2018 unescap sdg6 roundtable Moderators: Ms. Maki Hayashikawa, UNESCO, Bangkok, Ms. Sunniva Bloem,FAO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific and Ms. Cristina Martinez, ILO Presenting the Goal Profile: Ms. Eunhee Lee, UNESCO Panelists • Ms. Shaila Shahid, Gender and Water Alliance • M. Arvind Kumar, India Water Foundation Discussant from civil society: M. Deepak Sasi Nikarthil, CSO- India Working group moderators WG1: M. Masato Motoki, UN Environment WG2: Ms. Eunhee Lee, UNESCO WG3: Ms. Cristina Martinez, ILO WG4: Ms. Caridad Canales, ESCAP Rapporteur: M. Ashok Kumar Jain, Adviser, NITI Aayog, Government of India

un water Contact persons

Leanne Burney, Programme Officer, UN-Water,
Cheng Li, Technical Officer, UN-Water,


Contact Us

For media and interview requests, contact us on: mentioning [Media request] in the subject heading.

News and Media

Get the latest news from UN-Water; Understand what is happening around the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development; Interact in our campaigns; Explore newly released publications and where events are taking place around the world.

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ashoka arab region coordination sdg 6

Sameh Ghali, Egypt (Ashoka Fellow since 2006)

Sameh has introduced a new system of community participation in sanitation design, creating a sewage system for smaller villages to connect their household septic tanks by gravity-fed pipes to a communal filtering facility. These sewage systems are being promoted in villages who are deprived of hygienic living conditions and will not likely have government programs’ support in the next decade or two. Sameh encourages participation in the local communities for their own sanitation design and implementation, creating a sense of ownership and pride while improving environment and health conditions.

Read More

mw movingworlds blog

mw  PurePaani Portable Filters PurePaani is an India-based social enterprise on a mission to make clean drinking water available to all. 163 million people in India lack access to safe water as 70% of groundwater is contaminated due to sewage and industrial pollutants. PurePaani offers a variety of portable purification products, including a hand-pump (pictured below), battery pump, or water tablet. 

mw WASHKing WASHKing is a Ghanaian social enterprise providing low-income and underserved communities with access to sustainable sanitation products at an affordable price. WASHKing produces, supplies and installs environmentally friendly biodigester toilets made out of eco-friendly materials for low-income urban households and institutions to improve health and economic conditions on the continent. WASHKing’s technology treats waste on-site and does not require piping the waste off-site for treatment. The treated waste serves as manure and water for agricultural use, creating additional value for customers and for the environment. Its flexible payment terms, training on hygiene and after-sale services ensure that customers can get the maximum benefit from improved sanitation solutions.

mw EOS International In Central America,  EOS International is a social enterprise on a mission to make safe drinking water accessible throughout the region. EOS’ water purification technology is a low-cost, low-maintenance solution that attaches to any rural community’s water tank and inactivates pathogens in water systems by releasing a controlled dosage of chlorine. One system can provide clean water for up to 1,000 community members and requires no energy to use. 

mw Desolenator Desolenator is a social enterprise providing an off-grid, affordable, solar-powered water purification solution to customers at the base of the pyramid. Desolenator’s innovative technology is future-proofing businesses and communities by using 100% solar power to purify any water source – including seawater, brackish and heavy-metal contaminated – into potable water, without consumables like filters or membranes. In remote locations with complex contamination, Desolenator has also developed a number of successful corporate partnerships to help the solution scale, including one with beer producer Carlsberg to support its commitment to halve its water usage in its breweries by 2030.

mw Ecoloo Group Ecoloo Group is a social enterprise on a mission to eliminate poverty through access to sustainable toilets for all. The Ecoloo toilet is eco-friendly, odor-free, water-free, sewage-free, and energy-free. Ecoloo employs a special formulated bacterial culture to treat and dispose of human waste, while transforming the viable parts into natural liquid fertilizer, and its range of offerings include both indoor and outdoor toilets for private and commercial use. Recently, Ecoloo Group was featured in Acumen’s Corporate Ready report 

mw is a social enterprise with a prefabricated modular biodigester package that includes a full suite of biogas appliances and connections. Easy to install and use, its patented high-efficiency biodigesters take organic waste and transform it into renewable biogas and a powerful organic fertilizer. 

mw Proyecto Agua Segura Proyecto Agua Segura is a social enterprise from Argentina on a mission to achieve safe water for everybody. Proyecto Agua Segura partners with large corporations that face the challenges of water for their businesses , their communities of influence, and the environment in which they operate. Proyecto Agua Segura develops, manages and implements water access, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) and environmental water projects that generate a positive impact on the business, on the efficiency of the resource, and on the communities. For example, Proyecto Agua Segura has partnered with Coca Cola since 2018 to support its goal of replacing 100% of the water it uses to produce its beverages back into nature while improving access to clean water in the rural communities it operates in.

mw Nazava Water Filters Nazava is a social enterprise that provides high quality, affordable water filters that empower households with a free-flow of safe drinking water at the point of use. Using gravity as its main energy source, Nazava replaces the need for boiling water on wood or LPG, resulting in purified water that is 3x cheaper than boiling and 9x cheaper than buying water from refill-kiosks. [Editor’s note: Inspired by their mission and want to get involved? Check out this project with Nazava Water Filters 

mw Sanivation Sanivation is a Kenya-based social enterprise that partners with local governments to deliver clean, safe, and efficient sanitation services to urbanizing communities in low-income countries. It does this by converting waste to industrial fuel as a sustainable option for boilers and kilns. Sanivation employs a systematic approach with its partners to design, build, and train local staff on how to manage non-sewered sanitation services that meet the environmental and cultural needs of specific locations. 

mw Hydrologic (aka Tunsai Water) Hydrologic is a social enterprise that manufactures, distributes and sells ceramic water filters across Cambodia. About 72% of rural households treat their drinking water by boiling it, which can be inconsistent and requires energy, typically in the form of charcoal or wood (both of which result in greenhouse gas emissions and deforestation.) 

mw Folia Water Folia Water is on a mission to make filters for pennies that make water accessible for billions. The Folia Water Filter is an antimicrobial filter paper containing silver nanoparticles that kill bacteria and viruses while filtering out dirt and larger parasites. One filter provides 20L of safe, germ-free water, with no heat required, no pump required, and no electricity required.

mw DrinkWell . Drinkwell is a technology platform for clean water that is embedded within water infrastructure, purifying millions of liters of water every month, worldwide. This systems-based solution equally prioritizes cost-effective, robust and environmentally-friendly treatment technology with simple, reliable, and convenient service delivery. 

mw Loowatt Loowatt’s unique toilet system integrates revolutionary waterless flush technology with 360-degree waste processing to deliver hygienic and safe toilets for domestic and commercial applications. 

mw Bhumijo Bhumijo is a social enterprise that ensures access to hygienic public sanitation for all in Bangladesh. Bhumijo specially cares for women, children, and differently abled people. Its focus on business sustainability ensures that urban poor will continue to receive sanitation services without disruption. Bhumijo works in partnership with the local government in providing this essential public service, and also partners with private land / building owners to deliver public toilet service. -v 

v Kochi, India Blue Drops  a UV Water Purifier, which disinfects water with UV radiation and Whole House Filters that filter water in order to remove contamination. 

v Singapore EcoWorth partnered up with a Singaporean startup which developed Carbon Fibre Aerogel, an organic and recyclable material that filters wastewater by absorbing organic materials. 

 v Delft, The Netherlands Sealeauoffers their wastewater management technologies to companies who contaminate surface water, seawater and its biodiversity. By removing salt through no water-waste streams, the startup created a technology that enables companies to filter water to ensure it is reusable. 

Somerville, USA ZwitterCo ZwitterCo develops zwitterionic copolymer membranes, a sustainable and low cost product to manage wastewater. With their innovation, ZwitterCo serves its customers the ability to Dewater their wastewater. 

Calgary, Canada  Swirltex Swirltex offers buoyancy based membrane filtration to its customers. This filtration systems is a sustainable wastewater treatment, suitable to many applications e.g. dairy processing and mining wastewater. 

Milano, Italy Revotree Revotree is able to improve agriculture by decreasing water usage and an app to automate watering. 

Harrisburg, USA INTAG Systems INTAG systems offer a variety of agricultural systems to fit different sectors' needs. 

Netanya, Israel Cropx Technologies Cropx Technologies has developed a management system used in farming for optimization, which results in the reductions in the amount of water, nutrients, energy and labour used.

San Jose, USA Waterbit  automated irrigation,  Waterbits App makes it easy to check up on the progress and constantly control the data.

Montreal, Canada Blubrim Blubrim offers a system to benefit aquaculture using artificial intelligence. Device test water quality with eight different parameters. With its AI-driven app AquaConnect, customers are able to monitor and control their aquaculture.  

v Jerusalem, Israel DrizzleX smart water metering solution. The system works by installing FlowDx, 

 v Rotterdam, The Netherlands MetroPolder smart water management solutions in cities to decrease water waste. The startup's solution is to reuse rainwater for cooling, watering of plants, groundwater supplementation and as a substitute for drinking water used for applications.  

v Gothenburg, Sweden AquaRobur In order to challenge water losses due to leaks, and to control the water distribution, Aqua Robur monitors pipelines by digitizing the network The data is finally shared via Internet of Things (IoT) technology for better water management.

 v Nottingham, United Kingdom Quensus  Smart Water Metering Solution: a device that monitors and controls water in real time. 
San Luis Obispo, USA Flume water consumption in real time. How does it work? A Water Sensor is placed around the house's water meter. 

 v Calgary, Canada FREDsense detect chemicals in the water, such as arsenic, iron or magnesium. 

v Kokhav Ya'ir–Tzur Yig'al, Israel Kando Clear Upstream supplying real-time network intelligence related to wastewater networks. 

v Leeuwarden, The Netherlands Biotrack Biotrack uses a technology that detects bacteria. It can be used in the healthcare field, the agri-food industry or in water itself. 

Wauwatosa, USAhas developed a technology to detect contaminants and ensure the purity of drinking water via smart sensors In 2016, NanoAffix was among the winners of the Wisconsin Innovation Award

v Zurich, Switzerland  Unisers  a universal liquid analyser that can detect "all non-volatile impurities" via a single test.  

Tempe, USA Zero Mass Water technology to create drinking water from the air and the sunlight. 

Randburg, South Africa IDropWater  develops solutions to sell clean water at an affordable price. The I-Drop device supplies purified water using nanomesh filtration technology that removes contaminants. 

Tel Aviv, Israel Hilicoolution to off-grid communities: a rain-harvesting device. It is composed of a 1m² collection surface that can be placed on a “vertical anchor” such as a tree, where a system of filtration is linked to a storage unit through a flexible pipe, 

Enschede, The Netherlands Susteq  sustainable access to water for people around the world, thanks to prepaid water ATMs.

Stockholm, Sweden BlueWater alternative to tap water and single-use plastic bottles, both of which can contain traces of contaminants. Through three designs of water purifiers (Pro, Spirit, Cleone), 

Bjerringbro, Denmark Grundfos water pumps and technology. In December 2019,  Global Emerging Market Innovation Award for providing sustainable water supply.

Greensboro, USA WRANGLER Jeansr invested in a water recycling program that enables the company to have a recycling rate of 75% in their Mexican factory, which minimises the water waste in the production of its products.

v Paris, France Danone DanoneCommunities se portfolio  Rejoso Kita project via which the company is working alongside local communities and farmers based in an Indonesian impluvium zone, for a better water management.Becoming one of the first multinationals to be certified B CorpIn 2018, Danone Manifesti Ventures had already invested in German startup Mitte, behind the conception of a device purifying and mineralizing water

Manitoba, Canada The government of Manitoba places a great importance on implementing a sustainable approach in their actions to provide water as a safe resource to all citizens of the province.

United Kingdom 

Between April 2015 and March 2018, the measures of the British government and its related departments have enabled 40.3 million people to have sustainable access to clean water and/or sanitation, particularly in Africa.

v London, UK Wateraid founded in 1981, promotes access to “clean water, decent toilets and good sanitation

Working with local authorities in 28 different countries all over the world, they were able to help over 27 million people in need by providing clean water and decent access to toilet

Kansas City, USA founded by Gary White and Matt Damon, is committed to bringing water and sanitation to the world through affordable financing. Many partners, such as Ikea, Bank of America or Cartier Philanthropy play a major role by expanding access to affordable financing to change millions of lives.In 2018, succeeded in mobilizing $1 billion in capital to help over 17 million people gain access to water and sanitation mostly in India. To date, more than 27 million lives in 16 countries have access to safe water and sanitation.

 v Bozeman, USA Project WET(Water Education Today) develops water education resources In 2018, Project WET partnered with the Rural Education and Economic Development Society (REEDS) to work on water education in Pakistan, where over 64% of the population do not have access to uncontaminated water, according to the Pakistan@100 Shaping the Future’s World Bank report of 2019.